Thank you to the volunteers who helped last Monday to make up over 100 beanie, socks and gloves packages for the homeless. Your help is very much appreciated.  

This week end we are all ask to support the Charitable Works Fund which enables people with disabilities, aging people and distressed and disadvantaged families to be helped. There are special envelopes on the seats today into which you can make a donatio... read more

  Are you free on Monday 12th August at 3.30pm to help make up packages of Beanie’s and Socks for the homeless? If so please just come along to the Parish Hall. Your help will be very much appreciated.  

  As we all know, Fr John Usher completes his term as Parish Priest of St Patrick’s Parish Mortlake this week end. The Archbishop has now appointed Fr.Tom Stevens as the new pastor of our parish. For the past 3.5 years Fr Stevens has been an assist... read more