Violin Academy by Elizaveta Laskova

Music ignites all areas of child development and enhances the ability of the children to learn.
We help our kids to understand music and musical instruments to let them imagine, be creative, learn patience and discipline because childhood is much more than learning math tables or grammar lessons at school.

So, Violin Academy by Elizaveta Laskova is initiating Saturday lessons for kids. This program is developed let kids know about music and orchestra instruments. These lessons will provide children with an opportunity to know about music and musical instruments.

Also, group lessons allow students to work and play together as an ensemble and develop leadership skills while having fun.

The class duration is 1 hour.

The workshop fee is $40 per child.

We also will offer instrument rental program at $60 each.(13 Total)

Looking forward to creating a wonderful musical environment for children because music belongs to everyone and every man is a musician.


Rev Fr Tom Stevens