Congratulations to the children who are receiving their First Holy Communion on Sunday 13th September at the 10.30am Mass. It is a special day in their faith journey, allowing them to participate more fully in the Mass.

Those receiving their First Communion today are:

Isabella Palermo; Pia Monti; Scarlett-Rose Giorgi; Gabriel Daly Comerford; Kalan Smith; Ella Murphy; Lucy Anderson; Jai Roach; Amelie Au-Yeung; Ashlan Au-Yeung; Quinton Kazzi; Dion Pellegrino; Allegra Tosolini; Leo Bunn; Michael Fezzuoglio; Oliver William Heathcote; Benjamin Said Hanna; Charlotte Geraldine Butler; Chloe Hedges; Dijan Parancin; Orlando Stanzione; Oscar Kearney; Leo James Noyes; Amalia Reyes; Beau Myers; Cooper Francis.

 Thank you to the parishioners and teachers at St. Pat’s Primary School for leading the instruction of the children. Special thanks to Bob Mayor our Sacramental Coordinator, Ashleigh Cameron, Gabby Shelhot, Shanna Howe, Sinead Kent, Camilla Vozzo and Denise Norman.

Thank you also to the parents and guardians of the children – the family unit is the First Church. A special thanks also to those parents/ guardians who might not be of the Catholic faith, for supporting your child and family in growing in their Faith. Know that our Faith sustains us throughout our life. You are part of the St Pat’s Mortlake community and I pray you always find Peace and Joy here.

Rev Fr Tom Stevens

Rev Fr Tom Stevens