Parish Green Space

One constant feature of Mortlake since the 1890’s has been the practical and supportive Catholic community associated with St. Patrick’s Church. (‘An Enduring Flame’).

Over the past decade our community has developed its liturgical programs in support of the Catholic community and has renovated and built spaces in which liturgy and community is practised and enjoyed.

The Green Space is a multiuser space embracing both Church and School and will soon be available for St Patrick’s community as a place to play and pray. We acknowledge the support of Sydney Catholic Schools for the development of the Green Space.

Parishioners who were in the Parish approximately ten years ago are aware of the donation program that successfully saw the internal fit out of our Church from donations by Parishioners. We are proposing a similar program, on this occasion, for the ongoing maintenance of the Green Space and for support for future projects by way of recognition on an item forming part of the current build in the Green Space.

A list of the items available for whole or shared donations is below. If any parishioner would like to donate or share in donating any of the build items, please complete the Donation Form and return the completed form either by email to ‘’or deliver a hard copy to the Parish Office.

Parishioners will notice lighting has been installed to illuminate the designed area in the Green Space and that upgraded lighting has occurred in and around the Church. General donations will be gratefully received to support the cost and ongoing maintenance of this and other future works.

Parishioners will notice that items donated during the Church renovation have a recognition plaque. The style and size of the recognition plaque for items in the Green Space will be determined once the Donation Program has been finalised.

BUY A BRICK offer**   $ 120.00

** Within the design of the Green Space Parishioners will see a number of tan
coloured bricks. These tan coloured bricks form the BUY A BRICK offer.
If you have any questions in regard to the Donation program, please do not hesitate
to speak with John Clarke on 0419 437 474 or Margaret McLennan on 0419 732 014.



Frequently Asked Questions

How many tan bricks are located in the designed
Green Space?

There are 206 bricks available for engraving.

Are all the bricks the same colour?

Yes all the bricks are manufactured by Austral Bricks, London Collection and the colour is Chestnut.

Where will my brick be laid?

The laying of bricks will be in the same order as the application forms are received – left to right commencing from the bricks adjacent to the path beside
the Parish Office – see marker in situ.

Can I pay by credit card?
No – EFT or CASH are the preferred methods of payment.

Will all the bricks have the same typeface?

Yes all the bricks will have the same typeface – a sample brick will be made available in the Narthex
of the Church

How will the wording appear on the brick?

All text will be centered on the brick facing. All text will be in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Could we have a logo or a hand drawn image?

Logos and hand drawn images are not available

Can I buy a brick now and have inscribed at a later date?

The Parish will look at other options for continuing the Brick Recognition Program if all 206 bricks are sold.

Can I buy adjoining bricks?

Yes however you need to submit your individual applications stapled together with the appropriate payment for each brick

What can I have engraved on a brick?

Examples are:
Example 1:
Example 2:
Example 3:
Example 4:

Please find St. Patrick’s Green Space information sheet here.

Rev Fr Tom Stevens