It is not an uncommon experience sometimes for us to feel like we are an “outsider”. In some groups of people we can have a sense that we are not welcome or we don’t belong. Of course, depending on who we are; or on our ethnic origins; or on our social standing in the community; or on our level of education; or on the colour of our skin etc, our sense of sometimes feeling like an “outsider” can be exacerbated.

It seems that our contemporary society is built on the ideology of discrimination. The press constantly makes distinctions between certain human beings; “boat people” are distinguished from “immigrants”: People of a “middle eastern appearance” are distinguished from the rest of us. In some sense these distinctions are understandable. In another sense such distinctions perpetuate the ideology that some human beings have a greater right to be treated with dignity then others.

In today’s Gospel story, Jesus meets a man suffering from leprosy. People had unrealist